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Instructions for authors

Dear contributors,

our goal as editors, is to prepare he BETON - technologie, konstrukce, sanace (CONCRETE - technology, structures, reconstructions) so that it fulfils your - the readers' - expectations, and compares favourably with the wide choice of expert magazines.
We, as editors of the concrete engineering magazine, strive to maintain constant favour not only of readers - professionals in the field of cement, concrete and concrete structures, but also of those of you, who help to create the magazine - expert authors of individual articles and contributions.
To make our cooperation smooth and easy, we list below the key attributes, important for keeping the unified look of all published expert articles and contributions.
We also list principles for fluent delivery of the contributions to the editors.
We are looking forward to receiving your articles on progressive applications, trends and economical aspects of concrete engineering. We believe that your articles will contribute to spread the latest trends and information to wider public and to support the overall development of this engineering field.
The Editos


.... text of the articles


Text processor: MS Word
- font Times New Roman, size 12
- all margins 25 mm
- allow hyphenation
- single vertical spacing
- interlinear spacing (in front of/behind paragraph) 0 p.
- block alignment
- indentation 5 mm


Czech and English version
With regard to limited space, please choose the headline of your article as short as possible. The Headline should not in any case exceed 2 (two) lines in either language (font size 14, bold)

Names of authors

Names of authors without academic titles (font size 12, bold)


In Czech and English. The annotation forms an imperative part of every article. It is a brief presentation of the whole article - neither an assessment, nor part of the introduction. It should be a very brief overview of your main target and it should not exceed 300 characters incl. spaces. Translation into English could be done by our internal translator.

Expert article

Best articles attract attention of wide professional public while keeping up with the required expert level. Therefore we would like to ask you for clear and at the same time brief explanation of the respective topic/theme. Optimal length of an article is between 3 to 4 magazine pages (exceptionally 5). For your information, one magazine page including two pictures enables 1.5 - 1.75 MS Word pages.

Description to pictures

Every picture, graph, chart and similar should be clearly numbered and described (in Czech and in English). The references to the pictures should be included in the text. The description should be short and apt. Descriptions to pictures, if not included in the text, should be quoted at the end of the article. If you intend to send graphics in different form than electronical, they need to be distinctively numbered on the back side.


Charts should be well-arranged, with minimum number of grid lines. Numerals should be rounded up to the minimum necessary number of figures.


It is recommended not to include graphic information into the text in the Word document; it is much better to indicate the placement of the picture or graphics by a number. Please submit all graphics in the original form. If you have them already placed in the Word document, we can - with exceptions - deal with it.


Formulae should be numbered and in the text referred to by a number.


It is necessary to use the SI units and their multiples, in graphs and charts please state units of individual quantities in square brackets.


Please give your full name, surname, titles and also your workplace, email and - if possible - website/s. to submit your contributions


The best way is to email your text processed in MS Word to redakce(at) If we have problems to read the article, we will ask you for a flash disc together with a printed version. We will very much appreciate if you use in the name of the file a significant word referring to your article or your own name/surname. It is quite difficult to get oriented within 20 articles named article.doc or concrete.doc.


Best if submitted in jpg, tif, gif, cdr or ai format. It is also possible to email it or submit it on a flash disc (of course we will return the flash disc after publishing). If you only have printed pictures, we prefer professional scanning in a studio. In case you want to scan the pictures yourself/ves, please use a 300 dpi resolution (exceptionally it is possible to use 150 dpi). Pictures, which are not of the required quality, cannot be processed for publishing in the magazine. Please bear all this in mind when taking the pictures. A picture, that is to be used in the future for print, must be of much higher quality than the one being included in a Word document and printed on an office printer or used on a website.


As all the contributions are being reviewed, please submit them one week prior to the deadline for the respective number. Articles are being reviewed by experts or the editorial board members. The editors reserve the right not to publish a contribution with negative expert opinion. procedure

Articles presenting results of scientific and research work are sent to independent experts for opinions. Before the pre-printing, we ask the authors to adjust their articles according to the possible comments of the reviewers. If a reviewer does not recommend an article/contribution to be published, the author will be notified about the fact that the article was not accepted for publishing.
The reviewers remain anonymous to the authors. The review procedure is regularly discussed at the editorial board meetings.